What Is Voltage Optimisation?


Voltage Optimisation

Voltage Optimisers reduce and regulate the voltage being supplied to your building. In doing so, they allow the equipment you use to run at its optimum voltage which means a longer life span.
Voltage optimisers can reduce your electricity bill by up to 25% and can pay for themselves outright in 2-3 years. If you are currently spending over £1000 per month in electricity, we think we can help you.

Intelligent Power Optimisation

The Ivolt intelligent power optimizer saves money by regulating the incoming voltage down to an optimum level for your site. The UK supply is typically more than 240V whereas most machinery operates far more efficiently at 220V. This over voltage is simply wasted in generating unwanted heat and is costing you money.

The Ivolt is the UK’s top performing voltage Optimizer and is guaranteed to achieve up to 30% more saving than the fixed reduction optimizers typically offered.

Free audit and report

GP Electric carries out free audits on your building’s electricity supply to find out what voltage is being supplied and then to calculate what can be achieved by intelligent voltage optimisation.

Our report will calculate the potential savings and the total payback period (typically 2-3 years) which is then guaranteed by the manufacturer. Revolt’s patented real time monitoring technology allows you to see the savings from day 1.

This technology qualifies for a Carbon Trust loan which can be paid back over five years at low-interest rates. Because the voltage optimizer saves you more than you are spending on the loan, you can achieve all of this without impacting on your liquid capital.

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