Save Money On Your Lighting Bills

Light Bulbs

Lights cover about 10% of an average families electricity bill. You can reduce your lighting costs and energy consumption by switching which light bulbs you choose and how you make use of them. Residences usually use a combination of basic light fixtures or multi-directional fixtures. Energy efficient light bulbs are offered for either kind of fixtures.

Which light bulbs are energy efficient?

There are 2 primary kinds of energy efficient electric light bulbs supplied in the United Kingdom. Compact Fluorescent Lamps and Light Emitting Diodes.

Equally Compact Fluorescent Lamps and light emitting diodes are an economical alternative for nearly all common lighting needs. Changing a standard light bulb with a Light-emitting Diode of a similar brightness will help save you around £4 to £7 annually.

Light emitting diodes are able to install in most lighting fixtures and are especially effective for upgrading spotlights and dimmers, they’re more economical than Compact Fluorescent and will save you additional cash in the future. By updating all light bulbs in your property with Light-emitting Diode alternatives, you could conserve about £30 annually on your energy costs although the initial cost of LED’s is around 4 times the cost od traditional light bulbs of the same intensity.

How Can I Save More On My Energy Bills

You can save yourself cash and electricity by applying control mechanisms and becoming aware of how you utilise your lights.

  • Remember to switch lights off when exiting a room, irrespective of what time away.
  • Be mindful of what lights you have turned on and if they should be switched on.
  • Position light switches so that its handy to switch them off e.g. at the foot of staircases, in your hall and beside every doorway.
  • Have a motion sensor and timer on outside lighting, so they’re only used when they are needed.
  • Choose suitable light fittings, e.g., dimmable lighting while viewing tv and a natural, strong lighting for reading. Choosing a variety of lighting in a room with individual outlets will make this more convenient.

incandescent are banned


Getting Rid Of Incandescent Bulbs.

All standard incandescent light bulbs have been prohibited throughout the European Union, as part of a move towards more greener technology with alternative low performing halogen lighting likely to be forbidden by 2019. An enhancement in performance and reduction in the price of Light-emitting Diode bulbs over the last couple of years has improved lessen this changeover. Contact GP Electrical for free help and advice.

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