About Us


Hello and welcome to my Electrifying Electrical Blog.

My name is Nicola Whertal; I’m a time served electrician living in Edinburgh the capital of Bonny Scotland.

I love my profession and never grow tired of learning new technologies and techniques that improve my understanding of everything electrical. Since an early age, I’ve been interested in finding out how things work, most noticeably electrical appliances.
I can spend hours dismantling and testing everything that runs with power including electronic toys, small kitchen appliances, gardening tools and whatever I can find and take apart without hurting myself.

As a fully qualified and certified NICEIC electrical contractor, I also have a keen interest in what’s going on in my industry and keeping up to date with the latest rules and regulations released on a regular basis.
Adjoined to this is the more serious aspect of consumers being mistreated and often ripped off by our industry. Often this takes the form of customers that are defrauded by tradesmen who are not qualified or registered electricians.

This is where my blog comes into the equation. I started this blog in the hope that through my experience and honesty, I could offer some help and advice to property owners looking for good solid reviews and guidelines on the latest electrical products on the market. I also intend to give a big shoutout to electricians, security experts and renewable firms that are leading the way in making our industry as transparent and customer focused as possible.